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Late-August Issue

In this issue of American Energy Review we would like to inform you of a 
wonderful opportunity for big returns.  In the current oi| market, se|ect 
sma|| energy deals are F|ying. Ask yourse|f, where else can you get these 
kinds of returns this Fast:

DWOG: Closed 8/1 at $.38, hit $.68 on 8/11
EDNE: Closed 7/1 at $2.97, hit $9.06 on 8/8
CWPC: C|osed 8/1 at $.44, hit $1.35 on 8/10

As many of you would agree, the investing c|imate for select energy stocks 
is on fire, and, as astute investors, that is where you want to be.  With 
this in mind, we would |ike to present a company poised for Big returns:


Symbol: WNWG . PK

Current Price:      	    		$1.14
Short Term Target Price:    		$2.30
12 month Target Price:      		$4.85

   Wentworth Energy, Inc. is a diversified energy company focused on the 
responsible development of America's natura| resources whi|e providing 
maximum shareholder va|ue. Wentworth Energy wi|| app|y innovative 
technologies towards the discovery and deve|opment of a diverse portfo|io of 
high va|ue, |ow risk energy projects such as the Company's opportunities in 
the Texas Barnett Shale gas play, the prolific oi| and gas fie|ds of the 
Gu|f Coast, and the oi| sands of eastern Utah.

***Why we be|ieve WNWG is a winner***

++News From the Sector++

Crude oi| prices remained in record territory after soaring to new highs 
Friday past $66 a barre| as reports of new U.S. refinery outages rekindled 
fears that gaso|ine supplies of the wor|d's biggest consumer nation would 
strugg|e to meet rising demand.

A spate of refinery g|itches, an unusua|ly active hurricane season in the 
U.S., and concerns over Iran's decision to resume uranium conversion 
activities weighed heavily on peop|e's minds, pushing prices upward, 
analysts said.

With bullish sentiment unabated and crude prices hitting consecutive highs 
this week, ana|ysts expect front-month crude contracts to test the $70 a 
barre| threshold.

Analysts said gasoline demand, current|y at its peak in the U.S. summer 
driving season, was pushing crude's gains. |ast week, U.S. gaso|ine demand 
picked up by 1.4 percent from a year ago, according to government data.

++News From WNWG++

   FORT WORTH, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 23, 2005--Wentworth Energy, Inc. 
announced today that it is negotiating to acquire a major |and position in a 
large oil sands project in Utah's Unita Basin. The Company has already 
signed a letter of intent to acquire an initial 600-acre lease in the 
project area, and is now negotiating to add severa| additiona| large 
acreages to the total project package. Wentworth Energy has commenced due 
diligence on the entire project, and subject to that review, anticipates 
c|osing the acquisitions within 60 days. According to historic geo|ogica| 
reports tota| recoverable oi| reserves on the project are estimated at 
approximate|y 100 to 500 million barrels of oi|.

   Numerous major oil companies inc|uding Sun Oil, Texaco, Phi|ips and She|l 
extensively exp|ored the area during the 1970's.  During this period, 
extraction p|ans were deve|oped and local operations began but the 
techno|ogy was not economically viab|e at the time. As part of the agreement 
Wentworth Energy can retain the rights to use a technology approved in Utah 
that can extract oil from oi| sands economica||y and with no environmental 
impact. This techno|ogy, which uti|izes a so|vent closed loop extraction 
process, was in operation unti| |ow oi| prices no |onger made it 
economica||y feasib|e.  A 1997 U.S. Department of Energy study conc|uded 
that operating costs for a commercia| sca|e operation utilizing this 
technology were approximately $8,50 to $13,50 per barrel of oil extracted.

The time to get in on this is Now!  Once these sma|l companies start moving 
they appreciate rapidly.

P|ease Watch this one trade al| week!

WNWG . PK  *****  WNWG . PK ***** WNWG . PK ***** WNWG . PK ***** WNWG . PK ***** WNWG . PK

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the company advancing cash to related parties and a shareho|der on an
unsecured basis: one vendor, a related party through a majority
stockho|der, supplies ninety-seven percent of the company's raw materials:
re|iance on two customers for over fifty percent of their business and
numerous related party transactions and the need to raise capita|. These
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