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Arnulfo Golden MaynardNickersonsurvival at bsdbox.co.uk
Wed Dec 7 19:38:46 PST 2005

"After a year of HGH use I am more energetic than
I have ever been--gardening, housework, recreational
activities have never been easier! 
My outlook on life was so positive that it drew my
soul mate to me. Now I have a young partner to 
keep me youthful along with your products including
Thank you so much for a new lease on life!!
- John C. Spahn

"I have been using HGH products for over a year now 
and have experienced positive results. My after fifty
weight gain has halted, graying hair stabilized, and
my overall energy improved. I quite simply feel better,
physically as well as mentally. The products have been
like a shot in the arm for my self-esteem.  I recommend
HGH to everyone."
- Kim Sellers

"For years I suffered from fatigue. 
Though in my early 40s, I felt much older. I tried many
things: good nutrition and various supplements, 
thyroid medication, acupuncture and Chinese herbs,
etc. My regular doctor couldn't find anything, and
"alternative" MDs didn't help much either. 
But one of them did suggest I check my GH level. 
It turned out that I was at the lower end of the normal 
He suggested I try HGH. 
After 2 weeks of use, I felt an enormous improvement! 
And it has maintained itself over the past 6 months. 
It's a cliché, but I feel like a new person.
Thank you so much for making this wonderful product easily
- Steve Meyers

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