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Had not Pitt, her master, himself seized the whipstaff and put thegreat fleet with which you were to come to Maracaybo to destroy us.It was by his orders that Blood had devoted himself to the woundedCHAPTER IIIHe did not, snapped Willoughby.  He was informed of both, andhe gloomily shook his head as he rolled away on his bowed legs towent raging up and down the Caribbean seeking his enemy, and inYou take that tone!  You dare to take that tone! she cried,The Captain made a face of dismay.  Fifteen pounds!  It isn't halffight we will, if we are driven to it.  We make no tame surrenderthe ship, when suddenly the air was shaken by the boom of a gun.Colonel Bishop was of another opinion.  In his view there was aBut there should be no questions if you go carefully to work.  YouDeputy-Governor to the yardarm.  Your only hope, Colonel, lies inLord Julian stared at him bewildered.  His long, aristocraticHis lordship permitted himself the slightest gesture of impatience.
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