There's Nothing Like a Hot Penny St0ck

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Content preview:  NEX2U INC (NXTU) Current Price: 0.07 Is NXTU Ready To
  Go? If You Think So, You Know what to Do...Watch This One Trade
  Breaking News! July 14, 2005--NEX2U (NXTU - News) strikes a deal with
  U.S. Land Company, Inc., (a developer in Florida and North Carolina),
  to license NEX2U's Virtual Design Center software. The Virtual Design
  Center is a software application distributed on CD and kiosk to handle
  point of sale transactions for new home buyers. The Virtual Design
  Center (VDC) was a culmination of several real estate projects that
  NEX2U had created in the past. The particular software version for U.S.
  Land involves virtual home simulation where buyers can view different
  floor plans and use a palette to swap out choices in flooring, walls,
  cabinetry and even exterior finishing. The VDC has panoramas and even
  the simulation experience used in most video game technology. [...] 

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