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July 14, 2005--NEX2U (NXTU - News) strikes a deal with U.S. Land Company, Inc., (a developer in Florida and North Carolina), to license NEX2U's Virtual Design Center software. The Virtual Design Center is a software application distributed on CD and kiosk to handle point of sale transactions for new home buyers. 
The Virtual Design Center (VDC) was a culmination of several real estate projects that NEX2U had created in the past. The particular software version for U.S. Land involves virtual home simulation where buyers can view different floor plans and use a palette to swap out choices in flooring, walls, cabinetry and even exterior finishing. The VDC has panoramas and even the simulation experience used in most video game technology. 

President Rich Vandermeer said, "U.S. Land Company plans to use this software to reduce overhead and rework expenses, increasee customer satisfaction, and increasee sa|es by offering more upgrade options." The VDC even calculates the change in price for upgrades and converts it into the monthly payment for the homeowner. After the process is complete, the buyer can mail, email, fax or deliver the completed paperwork to the sales office accompanied with NEX2U's bar code technology. The output is then given directly to the subcontractors which eliminates upgrade option miscommunications. 

About U.S. Land Company, Inc. 

Founded in July 2001, the goal of U.S. Land Company from day one has been to provide real estate investors, whether seasoned or new, with cutting edge tools necessary to expand their business and increasee pr0fits. U.S. Land Company takes great pride in offering a comprehensive selection of high quality real estate investing products, the lowest prices and the most exceptional customer service. 

About NEX2U(TM) 

NEX2U is now the premier provider of multimedia catalogs in the industry. Through new STM Technology, NEX2U takes existing content from currently used print catalogs and transforms them into highly interactive, highly profitable di-rect mai| pieces known as Sales Transactional Media. This technology not only increases sales and decreases costs, but conveys an impressive branding experience to the customer through a unique use of media - CD/DVDs, integrated website development, Print-Ready PDF, and point of sale kiosks. 


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