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Re: I found this amazing product that enhances male sexual performance
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I was checking my email and saw this advertisement in it. At first I thought it might be a gimmic but I purchased it anyway. To my suprise after taking the pills for only 3 weeks I started to see a big difference in the size and girth. My wife also loves it! She thinks I should be a porn star now!

In anycase I vowed I would tell everyone I know about these amazing pills and I am going to do just that.

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"I have been using NRG Formula for 2 months and the result has been everything I was told plus a little extra. NRG Formula is not only a safe drug but it is easy to take. I needed help with maintaining an erection and stamina. I received both of these by taking two (2) NRG pills daily. My penis has grown in size a little over 2 inches and is much thicker. I also find that I stay in an almost ready mode 24/7 and that was an added plus. I have gone from having sex once every two weeks to two or three times a week. I get hard faster, keep my erection longer, and have plenty of stamina."

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