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Latest News:::

Gold Coast Resources, Inc. Completes Initial Exploration
of New Property.

LAS VEGAS--Gold Coast Resources, Inc.(Pink_Sheets:GSRS)
Management announced a successful completion of the
Company's initial exploration of its recently acquired
Ahanta Concession.

The Ahanta concession is situated in the central part of
the Ashanti Gold Belt, one of the key mineralized and
gold belts of Ghana, West Africa. It is just north of
the village of Butre on the southern coast of Ghana.
The concession is irregular shaped laying approximately
between 4 deg. 49 min. 07 sec. North latitude by 1 deg.
57 min. 16 sec. West longitude and 4 deg. 53 min. 15 sec.
North latitude by 1 deg.' 53 min. 02 sec. West longitude,
and covers around thirty two square kilometers. 

Joseph Kingsley Annan, President and CEO stated, "This
property was selected to enhance the Company's exploration
inventory and to broaden joint venture and funding options.
This concession is bordered by properties with high gold
production and proven gold reserves, all in the same
mineralized belt as the Ahanta. The results of our "in-house"
exploration exceed available historical data and prior
testing to the point that the company is engaging independent
geologists to perform the same testing for publication
under the aegis of their engineering license." 

The Company also owns the concession for the Akoon mine
located at the north end of the town of Tarkwa, in the
Western Region of Ghana. Historically, the Akoon mine has
produced approximately 140 tons of gold (over 4.4 million
ounces) with at least twice that many ounces of gold in

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