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Martin Nutraceuticals, Inc.(OTC: MTNU)
A Family of Nutraceuticals Developed to Enhance the
Pleasure of Life and Lifestyle. (Source: Company

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INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS: (Source: Recent News Releases)

A)Martin Nutraceuticals Announces Product Launch for
Quebec- Established July 15th, 2005 as the launch date
for Martin products to be available in the province of

B)Martin Nutraceuticals Announces Clinical Trail
Results for Weight L0ss and Obesity Control With New
Product- In this 4-week clinical trial, half the
patients were given 6 Maximum Slim(tm) capsules -- two
with every meal, and the other half were given a
placebo. The group using Maximum Slim(tm) lost an
average of 3% body fat, while the placebo group
averaged less than 0.5% body fat.

C)Martin Nutraceuticals Inc. Announces Retail
Expansion- Martin Nutraceuticals Inc. is pleased to
announce the completion of negotiations that will
place Martin products in retail outlets, chain stores
and warehouse distribution centers as soon as the end
of the second quarter, beginning of the third quarter.

ABOUT MTNU (Source: Company Website)

In 1989, The Foundation for Innovation in Medicine
coined the term "nutraceutical" to give identity to a
highly promising area of health and medicine.  Since
then, the nutraceutical market has become a highly
respected industry for supplement health, averaging a
7% increase year over year for the last 5 years.

Martin Nutraceuticals was a natural progression that
started from the inception of bettering the lifestyle
of people.  Since, Martin Nutraceuticals has created a
family of complimentary medicine and supplementation
that has helped thousands of people suffering from
arthritis and general joint pain, poor circulation,
tiredness, obesity and digestive complications.

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