[gclist] Are there any studies or reports about the analysis of cyclic structures?

Eliot Moss moss at cs.umass.edu
Fri Jun 17 11:05:04 PDT 2005

>>>>> "Chin-Yang" == Chin-Yang Lin <tomylin at mail2000.com.tw> writes:

    Chin-Yang> As many people pointed out here, there seem no
    Chin-Yang> papers/studies focusing on the analysis of cyclic
    Chin-Yang> structures. In fact, my concern is, if someone develops a
    Chin-Yang> cycle detection algorithm and he/she wants to do a
    Chin-Yang> micro-benchmarking for measuring the performance, what would
    Chin-Yang> be better test cases (e.g. singly-linked list or
    Chin-Yang> doubly-linked list) and what is the significant scale for
    Chin-Yang> each test case?

    Chin-Yang> I know that, in practice, a better way to evaluate the
    Chin-Yang> algorithm would be done in a real system, such as
    Chin-Yang> JVM. However, this is not easy for a researcher who is not
    Chin-Yang> familiar with that specific system. I mean, if the taken
    Chin-Yang> cases (graphs) are real enough, the results of the
    Chin-Yang> micro-benchmarking may also be significant and particularly
    Chin-Yang> the evaluation work can be done easily (that needs not
    Chin-Yang> involve a specific system too much).

Chin -- You have a chance to make a valuable contribution to the community
here, in the form of a suite of (micro)benchmarks written in a popular
collected language, such as Java -- especially if you can relate them to
characteristics of real (or benchmark) applications.

-- Eliot
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