[gclist] Boehm GC performance/behaviour characteristics

Florian Liekweg liekweg at ipd.info.uni-karlsruhe.de
Mon Jun 27 06:30:20 PDT 2005

Hi, all,

I'm currently comparing several different memory management techniques,
including that of the Boehm/Demers/Weiser GC.  I'm interested in
quantifying the memory and time usage during a program run.  While
setting GC_PRINT_STATS gives a nice summary, I'd like to get more
detailed figures, up to learning how long an object has been allocated
(in terms of system time or CPU timestamps) when it is deallocated,
and detailed timestamps (entering/leaving allocation/GC).

How I'm going to process data of 10e07 objects I'll figure out
eventually ...

Before I load the GC source into my editor, I'd like to check whether
someone else has gone through this sort of process before, and ask
whether they might want to share their code and/or experiences.

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