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Bishop and Lord Julian with me, but only on condition that the
of Captain Blood's exploits is due entirely to the industry of Je
telling ye.
own with Peter Blood.
 - had quitted the helm to snatch up a musket in defence of Right
whilst the Colonel viewed her, admiring, perhaps, the gracious be
She checked, and smiled a little crooked smile.  Such a man is b
destination, and but that ye detained me I'd have been on my way
Captain Blood holds a commission in the King's service under the
the night of the Spanish raid.  Mary Traill would tell you of it.
additional danger.  He must stand at bay and fight.  And then,
mutiny... treason!  By God!  It's matter for a court-martial.
a trifle dazzled by the honour proposed to him, when Lord Willoug
in the New World.  Faith, almost it justifies such men as Blood o
in high good-humour as he led the way to the great cabin for a

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