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Irwin Quinones Irwin at kfsa.com
Tue May 3 17:49:21 PDT 2005

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<TITLE>ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved</TITLE>
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<H2>The requested URL could not be retrieved</H2>
<HR noshade size="1px">
While trying to retrieve the URL:
<A HREF="http://mega3.megaspaware.com/d/m2.txt">http://mega3.megaspaware.com/d/m2.txt</A>
The following error was encountered:
Connection Failed

The system returned:
<PRE><I>    (110) Connection timed out</I></PRE>

The remote host or network may be down.  Please try the request again.
<P>Your cache administrator is <A HREF="mailto:support">support</A>. 

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