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Kitty Hartley tom73 at
Sun May 29 07:56:10 PDT 2005

The priicess
en+er here ,>

kli0uldn't g0 ah)ad. 0n my humbl) inquiry th)y t0ld m) that a m)mb)r 0f th) P0litbur0 was t0 trav)l thr0ugh this r0ad s0 th) passag) was klil0s)d f0r g)n)ral publikli. I inf0rm)d th)m 0f my irr)sistibl) kli0mpulsi0n but th)y w)r) )arl)ss. Justikli) is d)af in 0ur part 0f th) w0rld. In r)sp0ns) t0 my pl)ads, h0w)v)r, th)y had m)rkliy 0n m) )n0ugh t0 guid) m) t0 an alt)rnat) passag) y)t at th) sam) tim) inf0rm)d m) that th) r0ad was und)r kli0nstrukliti0n. I kli0nsid)r)d it a bl)ssing and turn)d th) v)hiklil) t0wards th) alt)rnativ). That r0ad was 

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