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Lega|Play Entertainment Inc. (LPLE)

Symbo| - LPLE
Current Price - 0.015

Poised for Success in Online Gaming having won decision in P o k e r.c o m. 
domain dispute.

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Lega|Play Entertainment Inc., recently was awarded with a judgment in 
the Court of Appeals in British Columbia relating to the on-going 
dispute relating to the domain name P o k e r.c o m. was |icensed to LegalPlay for 99 years and was wrongfully 
re-directed by the previous owners of the domain name.

The recent award of judgment to Lega|Play means the case will be heard 
in the jurisdiction of British Columbia and indicates yet another 
milestone achieved by the Company in retrieving the domain name for 
commercial use.

With the growth of online poker setting a staggering pace, LegalPlay is 
on the verge of dramatic growth of revenue once they are successful in 
obtaining a positive judgment, returning the use of the domain for the 
duration of the 99 year contract in addition to receiving damages for 
the wrongful re-direction of the domain name.

Online poker has grown by 6O0% in year on year comparisons from 2004 to 
2005. With some sites reporting upwards of 70,000 players at any given 
time and ebitda income results of in excess of US $350,0O0, LegalPlay 
could be a tremendous 0pp0rtunity given the previous success of their 
use of the domain

Recent WTO ruling and British decision to regulate industry could lead 
to even further global acceptance of ONLINE GAMING!

The growth of the online gaming market has been nothing short of 
explosive over the past 5 years. The legality of gaming from the comforts of 
one's home has been grey at best, even from the opinions of gaming 
legal experts.

Recently, the World Trade Organization ruled against the United States 
and in favor of Antigua and Barbuda forcing the U.S to drop 
restrictions on online gambling. Mark Mendel, legal counsel for Antigua in the 
case, said the WTO ruling means U.S. authorities would have to treat 
Antiguan online casinos in the same way as traditional gambling outlets.

What does this mean for operators of gaming sites?

The WTO ruling essentially has opened the door for online gaming to 
continue and for those companies operating gambling sites online to 
continue earning the explosive revenues which have been perpetuated by the 
growth of the market.

Also recently, the British government accepted the Gambling Bill which 
will establish a commission to regulate online gaming. This is yet a 
further step in the global acceptance of the online gaming industry and 
provides for the level of legitimacy given to traditional industries. A 
major focus of the legislation is to regulate online gambling, which 
has become increasingly popular in recent years. Online casin0 companies 
will be allowed to operate from Britain for the first time.

Online gaming companies such as LegalPlay Entertainment Inc. are poised 
for dramatic growth in the months ahead.


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