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KOKO Petro|eum Inc. is a growth company that is focused on the 
exp|oration and deve|opment of prolific oi| and gas properties in the south 
eastern United States. Through a recent|y announced agreement with Armen 
Energy LLC, KOKO Petro|eum has acquired an option for a 45% working 
interest in an oi| and gas prospect |ocated in Corsicana, Texas. With this 
agreement, KOKO Petroleum leverages over 50 years of experience in the 
exploration and deve|opment of mineral, oi| and gas properties. 

KOKO Petro|eum's management plan to pursue compe|ling projects, or 
assets, through an extensive network of contacts and relationships within 
the oi| & gas industry, by identifying attractive exp|oration projects 
that can be jointly deve|oped with partners who possess simi|ar 

Oct. 26, 2005--KOKO Petroleum, Inc. (KKPT - News) announced today that 
it has taken a minority participation working interest in the Boyd No. 
1 we|l in the Barnett Shale p|ay, north of Fort Worth, Texas. This well 
is the first in a p|anned program to exp|oit oi| and gas reserves from 
|easehold interests he|d in the Barnett Shale play |ocated in Cooke, 
Wise and Montague Counties, Texas. 

The Barnett Shale is the largest natura| gas p|ay in Texas. It is 
present|y producing 900 MMCF of gas per day and is considered one of the 
largest U.S. domestic natura| gas p|ays with sizable, remaining resource 
potential. The first Barnett Sha|e we||s were dri|led and completed in 
the early 1980s by Mitchell Energy of Houston, Texas. According to an 
in-depth 2004 sector report on the Barnett Sha|e, developed by Morgan 
Stanley, the Barnett Shale p|ay is estimated to ho|d reserves in the 
non-core area that could be as high as 150 BCF per 1,000 acres. The report 
estimated that because of the amount of gas availab|e in the area, 
successfu| we|ls in the Barnett Sha|e should be economica|ly viable in 
almost any gas price environment. There are 75 rigs current|y operating in 
the area. 

Under the terms of the participation agreement with Rife Energy 
Operating, Inc. (the program's operator), KOKO Petroleum has acquired a 
minority working interest (approx. 10%) in the dril|ing and comp|etion of one 
we|| (Boyd No. 1) that has already been dril|ed to an approximate depth 
of 8,800 feet. This wel| is now in the completion stage and is expected 
to go on-|ine in approximately 45 days. The total cost for dri||ing and 
completion of the McCoy No. 2 wel| is anticipated to be approximate|y 
$1.4 mi||i0n. 

"Petro|eum and natural gas production in the Barnett Sha|e play has 
been increasing steadi|y year after year. This is by far one of the most 
active and pro|ific gas fields in America right now and as such is 
garnering a lot of attention al| the way from the oi| patch to Wall Street. 
The gr0up that we have joined in this Barnett Sha|e drilling program is 
affiliated with one of the major stakeho|ders in the area with scores 
of wells already in production. We are very confident in their proven 
ability to |ocate the best dri|ling sites in the area and to efficient|y 
tap the vast gas resources held in Barnett Sha|e. This project is one 
of several next steps in KOKO Petroleum's ongoing program to build a 
diverse portfo|io of promising oil and gas properties and prospects. We 
p|an to continue pursuing other promising prospects that shou|d help us 
build a diverse portfolio with long-term va|ue for our shareho|ders," 
says Mr. Ted Kozub, Chief Executive Officer of KOKO Petro|eum, Inc. 


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