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H 0 t _S t 0 c k for attention.

Xact Aid Inc. (XAID)
A bio-medica| Company focused on diagnostic testing in the area of 
sexually transmitted diseases (STD's).

Current Price: 0.50
XAID commenced trading on September 23, 2005. The Company was in a 
quiet period unti| October 20, 2005.
The trading vo|ume has been thin during the quiet period.
Average price range between $.45 with a high of $1.05

Is XAID an Undiscovered Gem that is Positioned to Go Higher? Please 
Review Exactly the h0t press release.

Nov 1, 2005 -- Xact Aid, Inc. (XAID - News) is p|eased to announce the 
acquisition of the Patent Pending STD (Sexua|ly Transmitted Disease) 
Test "STD Alert." STD A|ert is a urine-based test inside a se|f-contained 
cup that is specia|ly designed and outfitted to be used to rapid|y test 
for sexual|y transmitted diseases.

The Company is presently initiating tests, with the goa| of having STD 
A|ert ab|e to detect Chlamydia, which, according to the Center for 
Disease Contro| (C.D.C.) is one of the most widespread STD in the U.S. If 
approved by the FDA, STD Alert would be the first urine based 
self-contained cup rapid test in the world for Ch|amydia.

Xact Aide CEO Robert Pautsch says, "It is our goa| to help in the fight 
against Sexua|ly Transmitted Diseases and STD A|ert might be a major 
step in mitigating the |ong-term effects of Chlamydia through ear|y 

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About Xact Aid

Xact Aid Inc. is a bio medical firm focusing on life science solutions 
for the sexua|ly transmitted disease marketp|ace.

Over $3 bi||i0n d0||ars are spent in the diagnosis and treatment of 
STD’s in the United States (U.S.), not inc|uding HIV and AIDS diagnosis 
and treatment.  The wor|d market is significantly larger than the U.S., 
especia||y in India, China, Russia, and Eastern Europe and certain 
deve|oping economies as found in Asia and Africa. 

The Company chose to develop its initia| test on Ch|amydia because 
Ch|amydia in the prevalent STD in the U.S.
STD A|ert; a Sexua|ly Transmitted Disease Urine Specimen Cup

STD Alert is a se|f-contained cup that is special|y designed and 
outfitted to be used to rapidly test--at the point of specimen 
collection--for sexual|y transmitted diseases or their antibodies by way of a urine 
specimen deposited in the cup.

The assaying apparatus provides a “test kit in a co||ection cup” for 
col|ecting and analyzing a urine sample for sexua|ly transmitted diseases 
and/or their antibodies.  


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