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Newsletter - November 1, 2005 Issue 
In this week.s issue, we are going to profile a company 
involved in the Hot Internet Poker industry.  Considering 
the company.s recent news releases and position in an 
exciting growth industry, the company.s stock appears 
ready to take off.

The Company:
*   Has an extremely tight public float
*   Received a strong financing commitment.
*   Is in the multi-billion dollar Internet gaming industry
*   Is launching an international advertising campaign
*   Owns proprietary software and trademarks
*   Is targeting the largest demographic - Indians (Asian)

This small treasure is:
Taj Systems Inc. (TJSS)

The stock is trading at only $O.25/share. A huge 
marketing campaign is expected to begin Tuesday 
and run all next week.  Take a look at this stock 
before all the investors get a chance.  We all know 
it's the big announcements that make these small 
companies move. 
Stock Symbol: TJSS . pk 
Current Price: $O.25
How will it react to being blasted onto investors 
radar screens this week??
We expect the price to go to $O.40 in next 2-3 days! 
We expect the price to go to $O.70 in next 3 weeks!

** Why we believe TJSS will be a good investment ** 

Internet gaming companies continue to book record 
numbers each year.  Revenues from Internet gaming
operators are expected to soar from $12 billion this 
year to $24.5 billion in 2010, according to Christiansen 
Capital Advisors, a Maine-based consulting firm.

Despite great numbers, much of the online gambling
industry has missed the largest Target Market in the 
world, India and China, with a combined Population 
of over 2.5 billion people.

Taj Systems is targeting the Indian market first
with the release of a popular form of poker among 
Indians called, Teen Patti (3-card poker), which has 
had virtually no Internet presence until today.

LoboGaming Corporation, a subsidiary of Taj Systems, 
recently launched a new poker site ( 
and already boasts a customer base that spans 6 
continents and 32 countries within its first 3 months of 
operations.  Gustavo Morales, CEO of LoboGaming, 
believes their most recent software development of the 
popular Indian poker game, TeenPatti, should bring in 
an excess of 25,000 players using the site before the end 
of the year.  


Taj Systems, Inc. (OTC: TJSS), wholly owned subsidiary 
LoboGaming Corporation, recently announced a wealthy
investor group has committed a minimum investment of 
$500,000 this year, and up to $5,000,000 next year.

The company plans on using this financing to continue
its aggressive marketing efforts into India and Asia to 
capture the largest market share.

This new announcement comes on the heals of signing
its first licensing contract for its proprietary Teen Patti 
(3-Card Poker) software. The initial licensing deal is 
valued in excess of $1,000,000 and also provides 
LoboGaming with an equity participation in the website 

Being the first true gaming site servicing the Indian 
market, this site is expected to become India's 
primary gaming portal, and represents significant 
revenue and growth potential for LoboGaming.

While most gaming companies continue to focus 
on the western hemisphere, Taj Systems subsidiary 
LoboGaming is attacking the largest untapped 
democracy in the world.  India is the most populous 
country today and represents one of the largest and 
fastest growing middle classes. 

Go to your favorite financial website and read up on this 
company.  How do u think this company.s stock is 
going to react to thousands of investors viewing 
this very exciting information? 

Is this company.s stock ready to roll? 

We Think So! 

Stock Symbol: TJSS . pk 

Current Price: $0.25
We expect the price to go to $0.40 in next 2-3 days 
We expect the price to go to $0.70 in next 3 weeks

-Good luck Trading

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