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Light sweet crude for December delivery gained $1.12 to $58.10 a barrel on the New York <br>
The House Ways and Means Committee passed its own amended tax bill Tuesday evening, <br>
Advantage Capital Development Corporation (0TC:AVCP .PK) <br>
Trading symbol: AVCP . P K <br>
Current Price: .05 <br>
Target Price: .35 <br>
Shares Outstanding: 11 million est. <br>
Public Float: 4.2 million est. <br>
Exchange: 0TC <br>
Rating: 10 out of 10 <br>
Str0ng Bbuy <br>
Spin-offs make mi11ions for invest0rs... <br>
It's hard for investors to ignore the fact that shares of <br>
medical device company Alcon have more than tripled since being <br>
spun from Nestlé, and financial company CIT Group has nearly <br>
doubled since parting from Tyco; Viacom (VIA) became the latest <br>
company to announce a spin-off this week when it said it will <br>
split its cable business and CBS unit into separate st0cks. <br>
That comes just after Ford Motor (F) said it will spin off <br>
rental-car unit Hertz and as pressure mounts for General Motors (GM) <br>
to spin off its GMAC finance arm. So what is next? <br>
As a individual 1nvest0r, spin-offs and risk arbitrage offer <br>
1ncredib1e m0ney making 0pportun1ties, since often major holders of <br>
the st0ck, such as index funds, are required to sell off the shares <br>
of the new company they receive. Warren Buffett himself took advantage <br>
of these types of 0pp0rtun1ties in the early part of his investment career, <br>
and so did Benjamin Graham. In most situations today the market is <br>
pretty efficient, so the 0pportunit1es for individual invest0rs to <br>
find the next 300% gain are not always that apparent. So where are <br>
the hidden gems? Where do astute investors find 0pportunities to <br>
double or triple their m0ney? Take a look at business development companies. <br>
Business development companies are specifically designed to encourage <br>
the growth and success of individualbusiness( which is 70& of the US GDP), <br>
but with certain advantages a individualinvestor is not typically allowed, <br>
these advantages include investments in private companies that can <br>
be incubated and then "spun off" into stand alone public companies; <br>
as wells as opportunistic high interest bridge loans and mezzanine <br>
financings. These financings are often loaded with addional st0ck options, <br>
 warrants, dividends and fees paid by the client companies to <br>
the coffers of the BDC. <br>
Advantage Capital Development Corporation (0TC:AVCP), a business <br>
development company (BDC) <br>
Following the collapse of the bubble market in the late 1990's, <br>
a vacuum developed in the capital markets, creating a significant <br>
0pportun1ty for Advantage Capital and other BDCs to provide last-mile <br>
financial solutions for promising individual companies that need capital <br>
to grow. Advantage Capital has taken advantage of this and obtained <br>
$25 million in equity financing. AVCP's investment philosophy is to <br>
partner with entrepreneurs and management teams that are committed to <br>
creating major enterprises via investments in their organizations. <br>
By owning shares of st0ck in companies like AVCP, individual 1nvest0rs <br>
have a chance to c.ash in on AVCP portfolio companies. <br>
Take the time to look at AVCP; it could be a real nice percentage <br>
gainer for an invest0r in the short-term and a home run for the long-term <br>
1nvest0r. AVCP is trading extremely low, apparently under the radar screen <br>
of most Wall Street 1nvestors and analysts. We believe this offers the astute <br>
1nvest0r a fantastic risk reward scenario in an under-bought market. <br>
We are therefore recommending AVCP up to a $.75 target price range. <br>
Sstr0ng Bbuy <br>
intercontinental sends out public announcements providing information on <br>
selected companies. intercontinental is not a registered 1nvestment advisor <br>
or broker-dealer. This report is provided as an information service only and <br>
the statements and opinions in this report should not be construed as an offer <br>
or solicitation to buy or sell any security.  intercontinental accepts no <br>
liability for any loss arising from an 1nvest0r's reliance on or use of this <br>
announcement. An 1nvestment in avcp is considered to be highly speculative <br>
and should not be considered unless a person can afford a complete loss of <br>
1nvestment. intercontinental has been compensated three thousand dollars for <br>
this Report. <br>
according to Briefing.com.  <br>
He added that the industry is hoping to work with regulators to create statewide insurance <br>
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