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Roxanne Ball spukigvil at oreka.com
Tue Oct 4 08:14:40 PDT 2005

Hey dlinenbe at bespin.org,

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Odis Haines

Watching last night's CSI Miami illuminated a vulnerability to identity theft I had never really conceptualized before. I black out every copy of my credit card and bank account information on all receipts and statements, but I have never hesitated to toss complete, unmarked credit applications into the recylcing. Although I'm referring to an unlikely fictional account of a woman who has her identity stolen, then tries to frame the thief for her husband's murder, I can't help but feel anxious. How many credit applications could have or may already have been filled out in my name with a simple change of address? Is there a mountain of unknown debt that I didn't actually at least get temporary bliss from accumulating waiting to bite me in the ass when I apply for a home loan. Thoughts like these make me glad I'm a little person with a low profile and nothing worth stealing. Then again, maybe that's all the more reason to watch my back.3

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