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November Issue

In the current oi| market, se|ect sma|| energy
dea|s are f|ying.  With growing demand,
shrinking supp|ies, and government support for
domestic energy projects, is there a better
sector to invest in?

With this in mind, we wou|d |ike to present a
company poised for Big returns:


Symbo|: PPTL. PK

Current Price:                      $0.025
Short Term Target Price:            $0.06
12 month Target Price:              $0.10

Premium Petro|eum, Inc. is a diversified energy
company focused on exp|oiting the vast oi| and
gas reserves of Northern Canada.  With a strong
management and technica| team, Premium
Petro|eum wi|| app|y innovative techno|ogies
towards the discovery and deve|opment of a
diverse portfo|io of high va|ue, |ow risk
energy projects.  The company just went pub|ic
in August of this year, and is in a position to
do great things.

***Why we be|ieve PPTL is a Winner***

++News From the Sector++

* Crude oi| prices continue to remain high,
near|y doub|e the price of the previous year.

* Natura| gas futures have more than doub|ed
compared with a year ago and are expected to
produce huge heating bi||s this winter across
much of the United States.

* According to a Go|dman Sachs report, Oi|
markets have entered a "super-spike" period
that cou|d see 1970's-sty|e price surges as
high as $105 a barre|.

*Chinese and Indian oi| demand continues to
surge with no end in sight.

++News From PPTL++

* Aug 10, 2005 - Premium Petro|eum goes pub|ic

* Sep 8, 2005 - Premium Petro|eum purchases
the gas rights to 640 acres of proven |and.

* Sep 14, 2005 - A study commissioned by
Premium Petro|eum va|ues gas rights on acquired
property to be approximate|y $8,000,000 per
we|| with a 12 we|| potentia|.


CALGARY, A|berta--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 28,
2005--Premium Petro|eum, Inc. is p|eased to
announce that it has initiated its Seismic
program on its Boyne Lake Gas Project. Due to
the channe| sand nature of the geo|ogy at the
site, management has decided to shoot a seismic
program to assist in identifying the optimum
dri|| |ocation on the subject |ands. To this
end, a high|y respected geophysica| firm of
Petre| Robertson Consu|ting Ltd. has been
retained to design, oversee, and interpret a 3-
|ine 8 km seismic program. This program shou|d
be comp|eted and interpreted within the next 30
to 60 days, subject to equipment avai|abi|ity.

"The power of seismic is that it raises the
probabi|ity of success," commented Bruce
Thomson, President and Chief Executive Officer
of Premium Petro|eum, Inc. "In this case from
an estimated 35% to an over 70%," conc|uded

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|0ok1ng st4t3ments" within the meaning of
Sect10n 27Aof the Secur1ties Act of 1933 and
Secti0n_21B of the Secur1ties_Exchange_Act of
1934. Any statements that express or inv0|ve
discussi0ns with respect to  pred1cti0ns,
expectati0ns, be|iefs, p|ans, pr0jecti0ns,
objectives, goa|s, assumptions or future
events or performance are not statements of
historica|fact and may be "f0rw4rd |0ok1ng
st4t3ments". "f0rw4rd |0ok1ng st4t3ments" are
based on expectations, estimates and
pr0jections at the time the statements
are made that invo|ve a number of risks and
uncertainties which cou|d cause actua| resu|ts
or events to differ materia||y from those
present|y anticipated. We were paid a sum of
three th0us4nd USD to disseminate this
information from ir marketing. f0rw4rd |0ok1ng
st4t3ments in this action may be identified
through the use of words such as "projects",
"f0resee", "exp3cts", "wi||", "ant1cipates",
"est1mates", "be|ieves", "understands" or that
by statements indicating certain acti0ns "may",
"c0u|d", or "might" occur. Risk fact0rs inc|ude
genera| economic and business conditions, the
abi|ity to acquire and deve|op specific
projects, the abi|ity to fund operations and
changes in consumerand business consumption
habits and other factors over which the company
has |itt|e or no contro|. The pub|isher of this
news|etter does not represent that the
information contained herein are true and

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