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442,077  Healthcare Executives on CD Rom.
Listed by title (including mailing address/phone/fax).
The largest, most extensive listing of healthcare 
professionals in the country.  
Complete list $224 . Records can be merged easily.  
Excel format.
Title:  Healthcare Professionals.on CD-Rom (sku-2447).
Healthline Publications has just assembled a full and 
complete directory of healthcare executives in the 
United States.  It is available on CD-Rom at an 
introductory price of $224

This unprecedented tool includes over 440,000 listings 
of professional executives in the healthcare field.
The following titles are included:  CEO, President, CFO, 
Medical Director, Medical Records Director, Purchasing 
Director, Nursing Director, IT director, Human Resources 
Director, Legal Director, MIS, Director, Social Services 
Director, Radiology Director, Physician Services Director,  
Staff Development Director, Chief of Surgery, Chief of 
Urology, Respiratory Therapy, Psychiatric Services, 
Information Services Director, Library Services, Medical 
Records, Physical Therapy Director, Financial Services, 
Housekeeping Director, Managed Care Director, Pharmacy 
Director General/Office managers, Patient Services, 
and more. 
The above titles are separated by location and type (e.g. 
nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living, group 
practices, clinics, etc.)  They are all listed by 
category and can be easily merged or manipulated. 
Bonus Offer:  Unlike other publications of this type, 
Healthcare Professionals on CD-Rom is now offered on 
an unlimited use only.  There are no restrictions if 
you order now.
To order Healthcare Professionals on CD-Rom, simply 
fill out the information below and 

fax it to 905-751-0199.  (tel:905-751-0919).









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