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Nationwide Beverage Bottling Corp
Recent Price:  $0.45
Exchange:  (OTC:  NBVB)                           
2005 Price Range:  $0.45 - $1.04
Current Market Cap:  $22 Million +/-                                                      
Outstanding Shares:  49 Million +/-
Approximate Float:  2 Million +/
Nationwide Beverage Bottling Corp (OTC: NBVB) is poised for 
dynamic revenue growth in the $multi-billion booming 
beverage industry. The Company represents an excellent 
opportunity for investors who want to participate in the 
rapidly growing bottled water sector of the food and 
beverage industry. Nationwide has assembled a talented 
and committed world-class management team that is focused 
upon private label and co-packing efforts, as well as its 
own proprietary beverages.  Although in business for less 
than one year, the Company has already established an 
impressive distribution market, commenced sales of bottled 
drinking water to national chains, provided private label 
water bottles for major corporations and universities, and 
established co-packaging arrangements for such companies as 
Niagara Waters, Crystal Glacier, and Citrina.

NBVB initially started trading on the Pink Sheets on May 11, 
2005 and the stock is currently extremely undervalued as the 
investment community has not yet discovered this well-managed 
company with its multiple revenue streams.

Nationwide Beverage Bottling Inc. operates a bottling 
facility in strategically-located Corona, CA in a completely 
refurbished, 158,000 square foot, state-of-the art facility 
that has the capacity to produce 1,000 bottles (up to 1/2-
liter size) per minute of any still water-based, cold filled 
product. Furthermore, the Company has five, 30,000 gallon 
stainless steel water storage tanks, 24 truck service-ports 
for on-going delivery, and the ability to manufacture a wide-
range of bottled water products, ranging from small, 8 oz. 
bottles up to 2.5 gallon bottles. Also, Nationwide presently 
produces and markets its own beverage line, Agua Sabores™, 
a beverage based upon a traditional Hispanic beverage - a 
fructose-sweetened and fruit-flavored water product. In 
addition, the Company produces, markets and distributes 
Palomar Mountain Spring Water and the complete line of 
KoKomo™ Mountain Spring Water flavored beverages. Its 
impressive list of current distributors include: Albertson’s, 
Bristol Farms, Costco (Arizona, California, Nevada & Mexico), 
Smart & Final, Trader Joe’s, and United Western Grocers, which 
is the largest retailer-owned grocery wholesale cooperative 
in the West and the 11th largest in the United States!

Nationwide Beverage Corp (OTC:  NBVB) is a Five Star TOP 
CHOICE for superior price appreciation in the coming months 
and years. With a current share price of less than $0.50 and 
a market cap of about $22 million, the stock is trading at 
bargain basement levels. The Company has an excellent business 
model, an outstanding management team, and is clearly 
positioned for significant growth in revenues and 
profitability. NBVB will be a big WINNER! 

This release may contain forward-looking statements that 
involve risks and uncertainties. These statements do not 
constitute representations or promises. Rather, these 
statements express opinions, hopes and desires that may 
not be based on objective or factual criteria or 
measurable results. No one should rely on such statements 
for any purpose except as specifically stated

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