7, 000 hospitals, emergency rooms, 174, 000 Email Addresses for hospital executives

Edwardo F Church IJCGIOT at fh-nuernberg.de
Tue Sep 20 23:33:05 PDT 2005

United States Healthcare Database.

The 2006 American Hospital Email Directory.  

174,000 Email Addresses for hospital executives. 



The  2006 American Hospital Email Directory is the only email 
directory of hospital personnel and the abslolute best resource 
when marketing a product or service to the hospital market. 
A "Who's Who" of the hospital universe, this database is the most 
comprehensive on the market today. The American Hospital Email 
Directory lists over 176,000 key decision makers in the hospital 
sector along with a mailing address and phone/fax contact data.  
It includes all U.S. hospitals (7,000).

The 2006 American Hospital Email Directory is used by libraries, 
hospitals, medical firms, distributors, universities, lawyers 
and doctors.  It is the most cost-effective product avialble and 
its accuracy is second to none.

In response to numerous requests for email addresses for hospital 
executives, the New 2006 American Hospital Email Directory has 
now been completed.  It is the only product in the industry that 
offers email addresses for key decision-makers in the hospital 

The 2006 American Hospital Email Directory offers email contact 
information for key decision-makers in hospitals.  It covers 
Directors of purchasing, IT, nursing, medical, facilities, hospice, 
housekeeping,.long-term care, physical therapy, obstetrics, 
pharmacy, radiology, rehabilitation, biomedical, compliance, legal, 
supplies, pediatrics,surgery, oncolgy, laboratory, etc.  Over 50 
director titles are offered for over 6,400 hospitals.  In total, 
over 174,000 email addresses are listed in this unprecedented 
database.  In addition, CEOs, CFO, CIOs,. Pres., and Exec. 
VPs are included.

The 2006 American Hospital Email Directory is available in excel 
format and is based on unlimited use.

To order the 2006 American Hospital Email Directory at the 
introductory price of $247 (code 4477), simply fill out the order 

form below and fax it to 905-751-0199 (tel:905-751-0919).









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