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We believe serious news is on the horizon that can blow the lid off the stock like a powder-keg

  PDSC is poised to be the standard for the multi-billion dollar food safety industry. Its food sanitation process improves organic and non-organic foods. Billions of American, and International, consumers will receive quality, non-toxic, fresh fruits, vegetables and meats.

  An estimated 76 million Americans suffer from food-borne illnesses every year, an issue which concerns food producers, processors and retailers.

Up  over 100% for the year!!!!  Ozone not only protects the Earth, but recently it has been shown to be effective in killing microorganisms because it oxidizes their cell membranes. Ozone is more effective in killing a broader variety of potential pathogens than chlorine, with no negative environmental impact because it easily and quickly degrades into oxygen.

  25 to 35% of a grower's fresh fruits and vegetables never reach an end-user. In the US alone, discarded food costs are in the billions of dollars. Surprisingly, the US is one of the few GM foods dominated markets, but it needn't be. The education curve should swell the demand for PDSC's non-toxic food safety methods.

Record Breaking Volume!!!!

  PDSC safer food & produce solutions utilize Ozone, a gas which has amazing sanitizing qualities that are effective and economical. It currently markets various ozone-based pathogen and bacteria removing System types include Commercial Ozone, Mobile Whitewater, Industrial Misting, Ozone Air Clean, Wastewater Recycler.

  PDSC intends to provide a, first ever, full line of food-safe fresh fruits and vegetables through its distribution and service centers owned and operated by Food Safety International, strategically located domestically and internationally as both operating port and land units.

  Food producers, processors and retailers have additional incentive to utilize PDSC technology. Ozone destroys pathogenic microorganisms that cause spoilage and transmit disease; it extends the shelf life of a product an additional 10 to 60 days, ensuring better quality and reduced shrinkage.

  Consumers have higher expectations and will force regulators to provide stricter guidelines and regulations food safe products in all food categories. Bioterrorism may be another area addressed by such regulations

  US FDA officially granted GRAS status to Ozone for use in food-contact applications, in 2001. The process is already being used to purify foods, and LA currently uses ozone to decontaminate its water supply.

  Ozone is a cost-effective food industry sanitizing agent. Ozone is 51% more powerful on bacterial cell walls and kills bacteria 3100 times faster than chlorine making it the most powerful broad-spectrum microbiological control agent available. It is chemical-free; it produces no toxic by-products. The result is a product that is clean and environment-friendly; its only by-product is oxygen, it eliminates the use of hot water, conventional sanitizers, and virtually all chemical usage. It is extremely effective as a disinfectant at relatively low concentrations. This makes it a much safer product for employees to use than any conventional chemicals.

  All parties, grower, transporter, retailer and consumer will benefit from PDSC's products.

  We are acting aggressively with an accumulation signal to capitalize on what we believe will be some extremely positive surprises over the very near-term that could send their shares soaring!




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