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Fri Jan 27 05:50:30 PST 2006

Investor News

Legendary Palace Theme Park Pushes DKDY Up Another 11.8% In Price Today With A 136% 
Increase In Volume.

Sym:  DKDY
Days Open: $1.60
Days Close: $1.80
SHORT TERM:  $2.45 - 2.75
Long Term: $3.75 - $4.25
Indi cator:  Strong Buy


For several weeks we have been keeping you up to date on amazing progress of DKDY. 
We have seen solid, steady growth from $0.65 last month to $1.80 by close Today.

Today we saw another growth of 11.8% in price and 136.8% in volume. The market 
interest in DKDY continues to grow as information about the theme park and its upcoming 
events, pushing the stock to new hights daily.

About the park

1974 brought the discovery of the world famous Terricaota Warriors and Horses and the 
uncovering of the Qin Dynasty's greatest achievements. This site has been China's most 
visited landmark and draws nearly $350,000,000.00 anually.

For thousands of years the Qin Dynasty boasted the legend of the E Pang Palace and was 
believed simply to be a myth. Recent discoveries have unearthed the lobby to the legendary 
Palace and has been developed into a theme park designed to take tourists back in time to 
this once great dynasty.

After having visited the relics and sites of the "Natural History Museum", The Museum of 
Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses; praised as "the eighth major miracle of the world; the 
Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the City Wall of the Ming Dynasty, the 3000 year old 
Banpo Village Remains, and the Forest of Stone Steles, tourists will now be taken back in 
time to a nightly banquet and dance show held in the palace lobby of the legandary E-Pang 
Palace capable of holding 10,000 visiters which is in the middle of the park.

These nightly banquets are expected to double the yearly visitors to the park and increase 
revenues by $3.4 million annually.

There is no wonder this stock has been taking off, as they draw closer to the new evening 
programs to go in place in early April. 

After todays trading we expect to see the stock continue a buy frezy with a substantial 
increase in price as we close the trading week tomorrow.

Put your buy in for first thing in the morning and take advantage of this upward moving 

Good Trading!

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