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Ethan Benton doefnrwswfnbj at
Sun Jan 29 08:15:04 PST 2006

Dear Home Owner,

Your credit doesn't matter to us! If you OWN real estate
and want IMMEDIATE cash to spend ANY way you like, or simply wish
to LOWER your monthly payments by a third or more, here are the deals
we have TODAY (hurry, these offers will expire TONIGHT) :

$450,000.00 at a 3.85% fixed-rate
$374,000.00 at a 3.54% variable-rate
$464,000.00 at a 3.77% interest-only
$214,000.00 at a 3.54% fixed-rate
$134,000.00 at a 3.75% variable-rate

Hurry, when these deals are gone, they are gone!
Simply fill out this one-minute form...

Don't worry about approval, your credit will not disqualify you!

Cassie Varner
Approval Manager

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