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Pearce Townley oygpoeylfp at
Tue Jan 31 00:24:48 PST 2006

Ground Breaking News for PMHH - This st0k will explode on Monday


NEWS: Patriot Mechanical Handling Announces $12.4 Million Mechanical Handling Equipment Package Order From Keppel FELS

This is as real as it gets, 

Watch it Soar monday

S T R O N G BUY - This st0k is on its way to at least $2-3 by end of January

Symbol: PMHH
Current Price: $0.50
Expected Price in 3 days: $2.15
Expected Price in 7 days: $3.50

This is HUGE news.....$12.4M contract will get this st0k to $2.5

Act now dont regret later! Get on board now!! PMHH


Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, Patriot Mechanical Handling, Inc. (PMH) is a comprehensive engineering and product supplier for all mechanical handling solutions in the oil and gas industry. In addition to this, Patriot is a licensed representative for some of the finest & most well established brands in the lifting and mechanical handling business. Our success is based upon effectively meeting the customer's needs prior to, during and most importantly after the product has been delivered. Our personalized service is unrivaled. We frequently monitor the quality of our products to insure our customer's satisfaction, and offer equipment that is guaranteed safe for use and fit for purpose. 

Act now dont regret later! Get on board now!! PMHH

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