He said this guy started the whole Girls Gone Wild thing and he's made a ton of money off of that whole thing.

Freda Combs zpind at everestkc.net
Sun Apr 29 05:01:30 PDT 2007

CDPN Moves To Corners GPS Market In China!

China Datacom Corp.
Close: $0.065

CDPN announced Friday that is has acquired all outstanding shares of
General Link Information Systems, Chinas only GPS vehicle monitoring and
management system. GPS systems are huge; controlling that market is even
bigger. Read the news and get on CDPN first thing Monday!

Howard Annoyed With Friends. Howard said he might have to hang out with
this guy. Howard said that's why these kids that get into show business
get screwed up. Artie said he should be in on Thursday for sure. 7:05am 
Blue Iris was on the phone so Howard took that call and asked her about
the stroke she suffered the other day. Then someone called in as Paris
Hilton and asked him he wanted to snort some coke out of her pussy.
Howard asked Joe about the dude who tied him up in some movie and making
him say he was into gay sex. Robin said that her husband is British so
that explains it.
'' He said he acts like a real player when he does that stuff but he's
really not.
Howard gave Joe a plug for his Girls Gone Wild stuff which can be found
at GirlsGoneWild. Joe said they've been in negotiations with the guy
since last February.
He said some people emailed about the Scores discussion they had
yesterday. John Lennon's name was brought up by Jon Hein. Robin said she
thinks that it could be the drugs that would cause that.
Howard thought it was ''Comfortably Numb'' but Fred confirmed it was the
Gabriel song.
He said they ended up going with Robin Williams instead. He then went on
to say that he'd like to interview Adolf Hitler after Robin's dad.
Howard wondered how Joe gets in with all of these chicks.
Howard thought the caller sounded like he was on something. Howard
thinks that Artie is really sick and he's trying to get better for his
Vegas show.
Howard asked Joe if he wanted him to call him back later or something.
Howard knew that chick was big trouble and he didn't agree with her view
of the world.
He thought that the way these people get around putting these tapes out
is by claiming that they're being hurt and they're going to sue.
Robin said they canceled it before she got to see one episode. His top
three would also include maybe OJ Simpson.
Howard told Joe that he was a shitty interview this morning. Howard took
another call from a guy who asked how much it cost to take everyone down
to Florida for Bubba's wedding. Howard said he thought when Steve came
in that he was going to say something about Artie being in the hospital
or something.
Howard wondered who's looking at him anyway.
Steve got in a mention for Jackie the Joke Man's show ''Jackie's Joke
Hunt'' which airs tonight at 7pm. It was very similar to the message he
left about not being in today. He even threw in that little cough of his
to prove that he's sick.
He did say that it must be a great thing for those fans who are that
into the races though.
Howard said that's true and he wouldn't want to fuck the person he's
going to eat.

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