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Peter zger at
Sun Jan 7 23:25:09 PST 2007

New building Material Changes The Construction Of Buildings Worldwide.
Company On Verge Of Explosion!

Date: Monday, January 8, 2007
Company: Aerofoam Metals Inc.
Symbol: AFML
Price: $0.12
Target: $0.45

AFML's new Foam Aluminum called "Aerofoam" can replace drywall and
plywood in the construction of buildings. It increased strength,
lighter, superior fire retarding capability, superior moisture
resistance, superior resistance to mold, impervious to damage from pests
- and has an almost infinite lifespan.

This news just hit this Friday. This one could be the BIGGEST mover of
2007. Read the news and grab AFML First thing Monday!

Batch mode supported.
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If it doesn't get the correct solution the first time, you will be
linked to other possible solutions.
Choose the file from which you'd like to grab icons and they are
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