How much is a greatly extended healthy life span worth to you?

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The science of healthy life extension. I hope to see increasing growth
and improvement in the business and technology of cryonics in the years
You can read up on stem cells at InfoAging, a very good resource for
this sort of information. Robert Lanza of ACT is quoted in the piece:
"This is an exciting time in the stem cell field and we'd really like to
see Massachusetts step up to the plate. " As the columnist goes on to
point out: "The alternative is a future regulated by the likes of Leon
This piece from azcentral.

Wired notes that the bill prohibits therapeutic cloning. Untold
suffering results from these short-sighted policies, but all too few
people seem to care enough to step up and make a difference. htmAn
opinion column in the Mercury News calls for a biotechnology group with
a moderate voice to oppose the hostile anti-research climate in

" You can help to challenge anti-research legislation by supporting the
Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research and taking part in
their action programs. If you haven't done so already, I think you owe
it to yourself to look into calorie restriction. htmlThe Age reports on
the third annual Silver Fleece award, given out by Jay Olshansky at the
International Conference on Longevity in Sydney.
phpAs reported at Madison. The level of fraud and adventurous marketing
has caused great damage to legitimate anti-aging research over the

What does it look like, who are the members, what are their goals, and
where does it all fit in the larger scheme of things? The anti-research
side of the debate have succeeded in greatly slowing research in the US
and Europe.

Nir Barzilai, who has been studying centenarians for genetic and
biochemical clues to longevity.

However, there is a vanity industry that is doing good work on
regenerative medicine: hair restoration and baldness cures. If you have
questions about CR, just join up and ask - the community is friendly and

The current US administration, and other governments overseas, have
scared off investment in regenerative medicine. Activism and advocacy. I
hope that you'll find it a useful and interesting view into the
community, related happenings and activism for longer, healthier lives.

What does it look like, who are the members, what are their goals, and
where does it all fit in the larger scheme of things?
aspThe Korea Herald reports that South Korea will forge ahead with stem
cell research, therapeutic cloning and regenerative medicine.
available stem cell lines so important to the future of our health and

Age-related decline is much more pronounced in inactive people, and
excess weight has been demonstrated to be bad for you in far too many
ways to list here.

>From the Alcor president: "We must thank all of the members who took
time away from their busy schedules to e-mail, fax, and call Arizona
state legislators, urging them to oppose this bill. but I'm not holding
my breath on that one. That it failed for stem cell research and the
Bioethics Council the first time around is an indicator of the potential
and compelling nature of this research. If you are thinking about taking
up calorie restriction to help optimize your natural longevity, the CR
Society online guide is well worth reading.

This isn't rocket science, folks! This state of affairs is similar to
the regulatory shackles that prevent meaningful research in much of

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