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You go to prison for a year and a half in spite of the fact of you being
nearly crippled.

Why do you feel it's fitting? I think maybe a lot of artists want that

I feel like I've gotten a lot more personal than I have before, if
that's possible. What we have to do is pretty much like we have to make
it stick when we do it.

It was a learning experience for us, because those guys have made so
many records.

Except sometimes you accidentally fall asleep and forget what you're
thinking about. "Too High to Die" had really cool, organic elements.
How do you shoot somebody in the back? That's the plan, I think. Kenny
Chesney was having a luau, a party, in the backstage, and he had a whole
bunch of people were back there. Your music is perfectly tailored for
the summertime.

Then, when you start to get any kind of reputation, things just kind of
get surreal. You're doing a mini-tour.

Where did you write the songs for the album?

" We went to Arizona and met Cris, interviewed him, talked to a lot of
people down there about Meat Puppets, and sort of took it from there. I
did some producing.

He's a real old friend from way before the Meat Puppets ever worked with
him. I'm not any different.
" I start to gauge things by money sometimes. Pretty quick, too, I would
A lot of times, I'm a little more open.

"Wild Hope" marks your songwriting debut.

I'm sure the guy was frightened or whatever.

You mind if I do the soundcheck? Yeah, it definitely has to factor in at
some point.

" It's kind of bizarre that his life got saved by somebody trying to
kill him.
But to me, from the first word that I wrote, I've been trying to tell
everyone I'm the same as them. "He's doing really well. "One of the
Boys" seemed to embody the entire CD, I think, better than the other two
songs did.
It's cool for me to be able to stay.
I think it's quite fitting.

" That was pretty much it. How did you hook up with them? What is the
recording process with Fountains of Wayne? They close off the streets
and it's a free show. I'm sure the guy was frightened or whatever.

I thought that it had a shot, but I've thought that about a lot of the
songs that we've done, so I'm used to being disappointed.

" He said, "Well, this is how this one goes. I actually went back in and
rerecorded the music.
It was something I'm very passionate about and I wanted to be a part of
the process. He's one of the first people I ever met on the road.

Yeah, it definitely has to factor in at some point. But to me, from the
first word that I wrote, I've been trying to tell everyone I'm the same
as them. Then we had to go to work and do our show, and we were so
involved with it that, as soon as we stepped off stage, we went directly
in the dressing room and finished the song.

It's changed my life quite a bit.

That kind of keeps it fresh. It was so much fun, I went and bought one
for my show this year.

I'm not any different. I wouldn't do it otherwise.
I learned so much from him.

I hate giving away too much away, but the pain killer in this song has
nothing to do with drugs at all. That kind of stuff, I never
anticipated. This one here, there's tweezing here to do on ProTools, but
it's pretty minimal. I think it's quite fitting. " I'm like, "It's not
my place to say anything. You want to be cooperative and be as generous
as you can be.

"I've found in life that just being open and honest and just approaching
everything like that is the way to go. I'm a very comfortable woman
nowadays. But we're just so close and such good friends that we can
almost complete each other's sentences.

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