He tries to capture the simplicity of emotion and movement.

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Tue Jul 17 03:26:20 PDT 2007

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Award - winning cat art.

We want to supply you with a good resource of oil paintings and even we
want to become a good production division  in china of your big company.
At the end there is no other way.

, so eloquently wrote about our native city, Dublin. There is a texture
to his work that stems from his experiments with the use of ordinary
house paint alongside acrylic paint and graphite pencil. If sending an
email, please state Paintings, Books or ArtBoomer in the subject line.
Rarely would you have this much snow in the Smoky Mountains.

Alison works mainly from her own photographs. Rarely would you have this
much snow in the Smoky Mountains.
They are delicate flowers whose dazzling simple beauty outlasts their
life just as the mysterious life energy they exude.

A photo inspired this painting from Webshots.

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