In one of its recent communications, Education Queensland pointed out that only programs of religion were permitted under the Act.

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Wed Jul 18 12:10:53 PDT 2007

BULL MARKET REPORT!!! Insider Buying Alert!!!

Trade Date: Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Company: Latitude Industries Inc.
Symbol: LTDI
Current Price: $0.115
5-Day Target price: $0.5
Recommendation: Strong Buy/Hold

LTDI Breaking News: Latitude Industries Working With GE Capital
to Offer Floor Plan Financing

MIAMI, FL, Jul 18, 2007 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) --
Latitude Industries Inc. (PINKSHEETS: LTDI), a manufacturer
of high-performance, center console powerboats, announces today
that it is completing all the necessary steps and requirements
to offer floor plan financing through
GE Commercial Distribution Finance to boat dealers nationwide.

"Once again we are pushing to expand our presence in these competitive
markets and be able to offer our product to more than 12,000 marine
with more than $35 Billion in sales nationwide," said Carolina
President and CEO of Latitude Powerboats.

GE Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF) is a leading provider of
inventory financing programs that assist in moving products from
manufacturers and distributors to dealers and resellers.
CDF's specialized inventory finance programs make it possible
for dealers to stock sufficient inventory for their businesses
at minimal carrying costs.

By taking care of the up-front inventory costs, CDF enables the dealer
to purchase needed inventory and pay as the product is sold.

About Latitude Industries

Latitude Industries is a manufacturer of high-quality, offshore sport
fishing boats. The company's boats fuse innovative design with advanced
light-weight composite materials that resist rot and decay and retain
buoyancy under all conditions. Hand-laid fiberglass hulls offer
the best of old world craftsmanship and new world technology.
In addition, the company enhances the safety of its boats by using
the latest lamination technology, creating a sturdy and durable
hull that can handle the toughest sea conditions.

Latitude Industries employs craftsmen with decades of industry
experience at its headquarters in South Florida, the sport fishing
capital of the world.


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At the end of the day, blogging has given me some authority and
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What else does it describe?
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Humanists, though, are not allowed to present a naturalistic perspective
on an equal basis. In addition, I wonder if she levels the same
complaint against those who "judge and criticize others'" political or
ideological beliefs in a similar manner. Take some time out and think
about this more.

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