TV news is having a collective orgasm right now.

Eugene H.Curry jakf at
Sat Jun 9 11:39:49 PDT 2007

CAON Releases Fact Sheet For Investors

Chan-On International Inc.
Symbol: CAON
Close: $0.72 UP 4.35%

Read this over the weekend, you won't be sorry. CAON has changed
direction and investors love it. Friday's volume went through the roof.
Big news expected Monday. Set your marker for CAON first thing Monday!

Disponible de CBHD o el editor.

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head for the mountains. Is this a functional addition to surfing's
future or is it an assault on the purity of the art?

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My two-doors-down office neighbor, David Brooks.
We hated Zach Braff so much that we banned him. " Made Redundant:
Astro-nom Crime: Someone has to take the fall for all the idiots who
didn't understand that Ben Greenman was joking; Astro-nom was first in
line. Dyck, "Eugenics in Historical and Ethical Perspective," en Genetic
Ethics: Do  the Ends Justify the Genes? It's a style that has prompted
some colleagues to refer to him as 'Captain Obvious.
This alignment is pure bloggy evil.

She isn't going to do shit. En tercer lugar, son evolucionistas
confiados  y aun triunfalistas.

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Teresa Stanton Collett, JD es profesora de Leyes en la Escuela  de Leyes
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Manilow" when the press conference ended. clips paris hilton shepard
smith you cannot make this shit up KarenUhOh says:  Fox News chiding
Jimmy Kimmel Flunky for mocking Paris Hilton broadcast to every TV on
the planet.

You know what I mean.

Health Care Financing Administration, "The Next Ten Years of  Health
Spending: What Does the Future Hold? New Yorker writer John Colapinto
windily took issue with the "windy pontification.

If someone were to offer you a million dollars to teach a Cambridge
seminar entitled "what it's like to be a heterosexual man, with one a
them penises", you should NOT do it, because you would fail.

'"  John may be Captain Obvious, but the various motives and agendas at
play here remain unclear for now.
Observers see it as a sign that the board is ready to sell.

And sorry if these things don't actually link unless you copy-paste
them. Also, I have no life. Whitney's job situation will most likely be
overshadowed by LC's sex tape, Jason's stint in rehab, Heidi's boob job,
Heidi and Spencer's wedding, Heidi and Spencer's divorce, and Audrina.

I have been attempting this move that I have been seeing in the latest
vids and a bit at my local beachbreak. These supporting players should
get together and have their own series. Derived from skateboarding, this
flashy manuever needs a juicy wave and a lot of "stick-to-it-iveness".

" in a hysterical tone of voice. Someone besides him is trying to cash
in on the success of his sleeper bestseller Marley and Me, and that
someone is his former employer the Philadelphia Inquirer.

had the misfortune to stop in the hallway right before school pickup
time and ask how I was doing.

sounds like a pretty standard week over at gawk.

There's a lesson there, but we have no idea what it is. "Paris Hilton
might be going back to jail following a furious backlash to her early
release that included several Los Angeles officials and hundreds of Lede

Health Care Financing Administration, "The Next Ten Years of  Health
Spending: What Does the Future Hold? Hello cyber world, my name is
Graydon Carter and I used to be really good-looking.

Re: There Is Justice In The World Itsjustcatnip: "I don't know whether
to be happy that there is a small bit of justice in the world or angry
because now I will expect justice all the time. Paris is hot and sweet
an all the haterz jst wish they could b like her! PARIS HILTON GOING
BACK TO JAIL! " I have one word for you: "RSS".

Is this a functional addition to surfing's future or is it an assault on
the purity of the art?

" "Hello my name is Marian.

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