Features full multi-speed vibrations and ridges at the base for added sensations.

Shaw T.Leonora lnbvy at rellikgames.com
Sun Jun 24 13:37:25 PDT 2007

SREA Acquires $75 Million Dollar Asset!

Score One Inc.(SREA)

News hit just after close. SREA has acquired the $75 Million peace of
land for the new "Recreation Town" in Dalian. This new project mimics a
Facility in "Shui On" that profited more than $100 Million USD. SREA is
going to go through the roof after this hits investors this weekend. Get
on SREA at open on Monday!

Any video CD or downloadable file with the Teledildonics logo is
compatible with the Virtual Sex Machine, and will operate it.

Once you pull hard on the cords the Tit Clamps are almost impossible to
pull off of the nipples. Many sites make this claim but we guarantee it!
We guarantee you will not be disappointed with this product.

Although water based lubricants last a long time they can be revived
during use with a little water or saliva. The Rubber Mouth Bit is
fabricated from the finest quality leather wi. You cannot buy Not Yet
cheaper online in the UK!

For play bondage and serious bondage alike. For men, the Rear Enders is
designed to massage and stimulate the prostate. The harder you pull the
cord, the tighter the clamps grip. Features an easily operated air
release valve. We guarantee you cannot buy Tights cheaper online in the
It's easy for companies to offer low prices on products they don't have
in stock!

You cannot buy Cuban Foot Thigh High cheaper online in the UK! This anal
toy is deceptively large and certainly not for beginners. The smooth
design with extra wide base is ideal for anal stimulation. The remote
has a quick release metal clasp that can be attached to a key ring etc.
You cannot buy Spaghetti Strapped Fence Net cheaper online in the UK!
You cannot buy Seamless Lace Up Fishnet cheaper online in the UK! One of
the sexiest stockings on the market today. However, the best thing about
this realistic cock is the working vertebra that runs through its shaft
allowing you to position it at just the right angle for you. You cannot
buy Restraining Door Bars cheaper online in the UK!

The Blindfold Mask is hand-made in the UK from top quality and lined
with soft, brushed suede. Comes with instructions on many knots to get
you started, and can be re-used.
You cannot buy Cuban Heel Two Toned cheaper online in the UK!
Get ready to slip into the saddle! Use of silicone based lubricants with
silicone rubber products will result in permanent damage to the rubber.
The rubber strands have a lovely heavy feel to them, particularly on the
large whip. Your partner will see a dramatic improvement in your sexual
stamina. We guarantee you cannot buy G-Strings cheaper online in the UK!
You cannot buy Vibrating Beaded Prober cheaper online in the UK! You
cannot buy Rubber Whip cheaper online in the UK!

You cannot buy Monica Rose cheaper online in the UK! Great to put on and
even better . Features a rounded tip, curved body and an e. Makes main
erogenous zones accessa. No batteries required with this product. They
just assume that you are daft enough to take them at their word. Act out
even the wildest of fantasies with this, the Latex Full Hood. You cannot
buy Small Mask cheaper online in the UK!

Make sure you're well hung!

You cannot buy Velvet G-String cheaper online in the UK!

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