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Sat Jun 30 00:16:21 PDT 2007

ERMX Jumps Into Huge Advanced Nitride Super Conductors!

EntreMetrix Inc. (ERMX)

ERMX has just announced it involvement in a joint venture to manufacture
Advanced Nitride Devices. These have Military application as well as
Energy Super Conductors. This takes ERMX to a whole new level. Google
"Nitride Devices" and get on ERMX first thing Monday!

The Windows operating system provides code that developers can use to
create their own applications and hardware makers can use to make their
devices work with computers.

Both content clips are intended to persuade. After all, everybody wants
to spend as little time in line as possible, pay for their goods, and
get on with their lives.
This should not come as a surprise.
Microsoft admits that SDL ain't free.

Cell phones aren't clunky, inadequate devices.

It was supposed to ignite a revolution for small computers. And that
raises the bigger problem so many of you will encounter as the
gift-giving season kicks into high gear.
Hospital patients and their families, visitors, etc.

You have now violated hundreds of Microsoft patents on tools, and they
can come after you. Microsoft admits that SDL ain't free.

Here's an idea:  let's plant a bunch of nice, expensive trees but not
bother feeding or watering them.
Another problem arises when trying to convert the concept of pre-, mid-
and post-roll advertising to the retail media world, since our digital
signage networks don't really have a "roll" of any sort. "It's the
greatest advance in communication since cave painting," some will
proclaim. The audiences in fancier or more formal "white tablecloth"
restaurants start to become quite diverse in terms of psychographics and
demographics, as well as shopping context and mode. com's Charles Cooper
has had it with bad product design and lousy customer service that
leaves customers tied up in knots. Because the lumpy design and
confusing interface of the device is

When vendors compete, customers win. If Apple got into medical devices,
people would come out of Steve Jobs' speech proclaiming "The iBag is the
easiest, most user-friendly colostomy device I've ever encountered.
There's no telling how many annoying habits a teenage boy might give up
if you snag one of these dream machines for the holiday season.

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