Frameworks such as the Google Web Toolkit have emerged to allow for client and server round-trip debugging.

Victor zdajb at
Sat May 19 13:35:55 PDT 2007

GPSI Announces Market Attack Into $1 Trillion Market!

Global Payment Solutions
Symbol: GPSI
Price: $0.03

GPSI announced its plans to address the huge influx of immigrant workers
into the US that need banking solutions that they otherwise would not
qualify for. This market is expected to represent over $1 Trillion
dollars to be managed by 2008. GPSI provides viable solutions to this
market. This is hot, read the news and watch for more Monday! Get on
GPSI first thing Monday!

HTML page developers need  to have a basic understanding of JavaScript
technology to create new  Ajax functionality. This will also cause that
exception because as above, the request is executed synchronously I did
add that check because some user where getting NPE before, and the cause
was I've explained above.
Just a quick question: how will you find the clients you are looking at?
More important, if you don't like the current implementation, it is very
easy to extend Grizzly ARP with a completely  different Comet support
approach. I'll keep you posted. You may choose to use HTTP basic or HTTP
digest authentication.
Visit the  Ajax Developer Resource Center. Browser add-ons such as 
Mozilla Firebug have emerged to make debuging easier.
Again thanks for the help. Left: Ward Cunningham leads a discussion
Middle: Attendees get ready to propose sessions Right: Lawrence Lessig
leads a discussion about Creative Commons Moderately useful blurb on
Isn't SingleThreadModel deprecated?
With a better understanding of this interaction model, today's
applications can become more interactive, providing the end user with a
better experience. You can then use this content in your AJAX-based
The CometContext is the main object a component will use to interact
with others Comet requests, implemented as CometHandler. Typically, a
one week period is designated for questions on a specific Ask the
Experts topic.
A poorly designed Ajax-based  application could open itself up to
hackers or plagiarism.

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