The Golden Ticket Stock Report Nov. 11 release

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Wed Nov 14 00:31:08 PST 2007

The Investors Release
Gold investors find safe haven as the US Dollar continues to drop.

Hemisphere Gold (HPGI) $1.00

Gold prices are climbing twice as fast as last years predictions. Lack
of exploration in the 90's has caused a depleted gold supply and the US
dollar has pushed investors to a more secure investment.

A gold rush is now in effect in Suriname as large deposits having been
discovered and the rush to mine them is at full speed.

Hemisphere Gold Inc has recently announced findings of rich gold
deposits in Suriname. This is on their 720 sq mile property right in the
middle of the largest gold mines in the Suriname gold belt.

Essential Things For Your Consideration

1. Up nearly 33% so far this year, gold is making a powerful Bull Run.
2. Shortage of gold supplies is causing a steady increase in the price
of gold. Recent findings at Hemisphere Gold show huge potential returns
for early investors.
3. Hemisphere's level of expertise in geology and financial management
gives it a clear edge in this current market.
4. The Guiana Shield has extracted over 50 Million ounces of gold.
HPGI's claim is sitting right in the middle of gold producing mines.
5. Gold can prove to be a great financial safe haven during times of
instability in the dollar.

Hemisphere is certainly the next hot stock in the booming gold market.
Media campaigns are set to launch next week and recent news releases are
already forcing share prices up over 120% in just the last few weeks.
This is the time to carefully consider HPGI as your next investment

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