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Gold Investor Newsletter
HPGI announces more Gold findings. Share prices jump 20%

Hemisphere Gold (HPGI) $1.20 UP 20%

Market annalists predicted gold to hit as high as $800 within 2 years.
Gold has hit $over 800 an ounce in just one year due to depleted gold
supplies and a falling US Dollar.

Over 50 million ounces have already been extracted from large deposits
in the Gold belt in Suriname. This small country is now becoming one of
the largest suppliers of gold in the market.

Hemisphere Gold Inc has recently announced findings of rich gold
deposits in Suriname. This is on their 720 sq mile property right in the
middle of the largest gold mines in the Suriname gold belt.

Top Five Things To Know On HPGI

1. Depletion in supplies has caused Gold to climb from $600 to over $800
an once since January.
2. Demand for gold is up on a global scale. India has been increasing
its demand at a rate of 7% a year.
3. Hemisphere has put together a team of geologists and professionals
that are responsible for some of the largest gold finds in the Guiana
4. Hemisphere's 72,000 Hectare property sits in the middle of a
producing Gold Belt in an area that has already produces over 50 Million
ounces of Gold.
5. Gold tends to be a better investment as it keeps its value better
than most currencies over time.

Hemisphere is certainly the next hot stock in the booming gold market.
Media campaigns are set to launch next week and recent news releases are
already forcing share prices up over 120% in just the last few weeks.
This is the time to carefully consider HPGI as your next investment

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