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Sun Jan 27 08:51:23 PST 2008

She is trying to kill me. Cool, time to cash in and get out!
For one, Ron Paul doesnt need the republican party to win any election. Check out our amazing NFL selection.
Just now, UK tabloid The Sun has posted a video of her in her home lighting up as if she was Pookie from New Jack City.
She is trying to kill me.
"How fucking cool," she remarks with a little touch of snide.
Today even, some A hole was putting up a Ron Paul sign on an overpass. There are no limitations, only possibilities.
However, the judges are independent of Lulu and no favor will be shown to blooks published on Lulu.
" Lupe was also popular, third place or something.
'You SO crazy, honey .
Of course this cannot compare but same kind of liking the boringness of it rings true. whites are in power because they killed and robbed everyone to get it.
Have  you got the book-blues too?
i have had to take a long hard look at my whole belief system and conscience.
Recent Posts Ron Paul: Why bother?
Cool, time to cash in and get out!
Or get me to cut some checks to them anyway.
I am so sick of seeing her ugly ass and hear her imitate some shit my grandmother used to listen to.
That girl is skank and ugly to boot. And no smoking during the ceremony! It's getting to that point now where a lot of people who obviously have no chance at all of winning their party's nomination, let alone being elected president, are beginning to pull out of the race.
I'm going to pull the lever on him in four states.
You know, I like Winehouse. She started out by stumbling onto stage in Germany and then "kind of being groggy" in Paris, France.
All of which begs the question: How long until Amy Winehouse is found dead somewhere? His second wife, I can't remember her name right now, is an actress who prefers parts in the Vagina Monologs.
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