International Consolidated Companies, Inc.

Jemima Stark kalp_talavia at
Thu Oct 4 09:07:27 PDT 2012

Sym: F_U_E G
Suggestion: Strong Buy
Last trade: 0.30
3 Day Target Price .74
3 Day Market Profi .8
10 Day Goal on Price Dollars 1.00


F_U_E G 3RD Successful League play tournaments season Finishes, The 4TH 
season begins.

PRESS RELESASE Wed, Oct 3rd, 2012 NYSE: F_U_E G is a Poker Gaming company, 
earlier declared the completion of 3RD League Season. In League play, golden 
members of the Company`s subscription gaming online play in up to 40 league 
competitions over a two mth Season. Members who accumulated enough points to 
be in the top 35 %, were granted to play in the top 35% FINAL which featured 
$30k winnings and gifts in the prize pool. Participants finishing to the top 
10% of the over all field qualified and then played in both the top thirty 
five percent and the topmost Ten Percent rounds tournaments with the extra 
$20 000 in cash plus awards summing up to $50,000 in cash plus rewards.

Blockbuster Deal: F_U_E G Its forecasted to reach 3 price pps. TRADE ONLINE 
and GET 10000 shares. Trading commences Oct, 4th.

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