Watching for Big Gains

Hugo Clifton lueknn at
Sun Oct 21 14:38:10 PDT 2012

Afternoon Investors!!!
TLP C is making signals! Top Queried Symbol On BoardCentral Today. Get 
Your Bids In Now.

Trade: Oct, 22
Company Name: Telpac Industries Inc.
Tick: TLP C
Last Trade: $.32
Target: $1

TLP C has brought on well known mobile game developers Revolution Games 
Inc. to develop two mobile games that will feature graphics intense, 
multi player gameplay. Rather then charging gamers a flat price before 
playing the game, TLP C utilize the micro payment payment model used by 
developers like Ubisoft. Micro Payments excite gamers to purchase 
in-game money to obtain an advantage over fellow gamers. Both videogames 
will be released in Late 2012 for the 100 million users on the Apple App 
Store and Android Market. Begin buying TLP C Oct, 22nd at the market 
open. Call the broker of your choice, otherwise, get it done online.

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