It could hit new highs this month!

Emmanuel Haynes stangarone.consuelo at
Sat Oct 27 10:34:01 PDT 2012

I pray you traders are near your trading desks, because we expect this 
mineral deal to hit big time this Monday. Murmurs coming from special folks 
aligned with Pengram Gold Corp. are telling us of a positive exploration 
revelation which will be made public some time this week!

Trade Date: Mon, Oct 29, 2012
Name: Pengram Gold
Trade: P N G M
Buy it at: $.045
6 Day Target: .20

Mineral Claims : three areas enveloping 12,600 acres in Nevada and BC. Right 
now the stock has slumped to $0.045 on not much selling but we determine P N 
G M will comfortably shoot above .20 once this annoucement is made public to 
the mainstream.

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