Getting Ready for a Major Run!

Chris Leonard jessiegelvind at
Tue Sep 4 22:37:30 PDT 2012

CYL C Breaks Coverage In Newsletters Tons As FB!!!

"Barchart Advised Trade on CYL C!" And its only launch day of the major 
pr's, you see a launch, traders will catch a sight of $7.

Catch Leverage Of start day of Insider News Add $5000 of CYL C To Your 
Port!!! Insider's Press Release on CYL C 04.09.2012 on explosive investor 
relations! CYL C has to be a to be seeing on your shelf asap!!! CYL C's 
competitors "WTI Crude" on the market at $90 and "Brent Crude Oil" at $111.

Investor realize its at today's $0.031 this is a deal? Large Banks are 
trading CYL C. Get $5000 of CYL C today and See it at extra $22,000. CYL C 
produced 151K bar so far, a marked of one barrel is $223,000.

52 wells on a premium acreage in AL, that brings bonus value to CYL C!!! CYL 
C will be namely valued at $172,030,000 and share cap of $270,000,000!

Can't allow relatives generate cash! It is definite CYL C is a big winner on 
today. Won't halt to a $3, produce cash now. U Don't miss income with CYL C. 
Trade on everything of CYL C the low $$$ ahead of Large Banks would!

Grab $5000 Of CYL C On 05.09.12.

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