This will go Wild!

Lucy Mccall bpinebluff at
Sat Sep 15 03:11:31 PDT 2012

Hi, should you strive to get $1000 this month? Devote $170 in a Rocket 
Stock: E_M_PM!!! It's rated to climb to .11 pps!

Trade Date: Mon, Sep 17
Name: Empire Post Media
Symbol to buy: E_M_PM
Today Price: 0.012
Short Term Target: .11

E_M_PM is ready to be a winning player in production of 3D production in 
United States of America. 3D TV set market share is geared to explode huge 
by up to 600%, Apartments with 3D TV sets shall rise to 360 mln in 2015.

E_M_PM must bring big profits for You this fall season!!! Grab $170 of 
E_M_PM on Monday Sept 17. Reach your online brokerage or sign up for web 
trading like Ameritrade.

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