This is getting real crazy real soon!

Jessie Jennings cntcom at
Mon Sep 17 10:15:05 PDT 2012

Hello, could you like to cash in $1200 this week? Spend $440 in a 
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Date: September 17
Company: Empire Post Media, Inc.
Ticker: E_M_PM
At this time: $0.012
Long Term Target Price: .19

E_M_PM is geared to become a leading player in conversion of 3D content in 
United States of America. 3D TV set field is poised to skyrocket enormously 
by higher than 670%, Houses with 3D TV sets to reach 316 million in 2015.

E_M_PM must bring sizable returns for You this month! Purchase $440 of 
E_M_PM on Monday. Contact online brokerage or open online brokerage like 
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