Are You Ready For Our WILD Speculative Play Today @ 10:30 AM EST?

Beatrix Carr gonzalo26 at
Sun Apr 14 07:45:52 PDT 2013

Wonderful information for L_B T_G - Liberty Coal Energy - that will 
deliver huge returns!!!

Acquisition plans are back on the table that will push L_B T_G stock 
up to the $.20 - $.30 range. Right now L_B T_G is selling for a very 
low price, so the upside is huge. Even Management want to acquire L_B 
T_G because of their seemingly unlimited coal reserves that can bear 
shale oil. Don't hesitate if you want to get rich on this take over 
ahead of other investors. Buy every share of L_B T_G you can get on 
Monday, April 15th, 2013.

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