Could Soar 600% to Its Previous High!

Natalia Fields doraemon_l at
Thu Feb 14 10:56:29 PST 2013

My recent pick - Gold Would Reach Through $2040: Analysts Wish to get 
discounted gold? Get gold shares as GGS_M now. Gold value came beneath 
pressure in last weeks among Federal Reserve's code should be over, 
notwithstanding gurus informed CNBC - precious metal may Hit Above 
$2040 - Published: CNBC. Mining shares might be probably variable than 
treasure, notwithstanding gold should Go if gold which sits 
approximately 9% beneath 2011 pinnacle - By: WSJ. If you're selecting 
gold, buying 70000 or 500000 stock of GGS_M on February 15 is a 
lucrative idea!!!

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