This company is ready to make a move

gajones at gajones at
Thu Jun 13 02:11:51 PDT 2013

Thursday Stock & Top Bottom Bounce Run Immediately! H A_IR shows 
to get the #1 be in the Micro-Cap trading for the Lower Bounce the 
following and this time. We re positioning H A_IR right for all 
buyers and signaling this right on the bottom with major liquidity 
and large upside from those levels short run. With headlines 
circulating and investor awareness gonna go peak we presume H A_IR 
is a great trading chance for our members that are interested in 
prompt fast term earning. H A_IR may be doing big volume over the 
past 3 days as investor interest rate beginning to develop. H A_IR 
sold up to .44 cents on Monday. Now be where we been showing our 
subscribers in the to get H A_IR while its super cheap and capable 
to Explode up selling higher short-term. Buy blocks of H A_IR on 
Thu, June 13th.

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