Could This Company be the next Sub Penny Monster?

drbentz at drbentz at
Fri Jun 14 10:54:30 PDT 2013

Biostem Corp. will be suggested as the number one deal for today so 
build your trade swift members since Locks are a liquid trading 
about to create a Great move here short-run. We feel now is the 
better time to join up as Locks are very inexpensive trading off to 
the lower and bouncing. Tresses are getting hugely recognized in the 
pub. We forecast something large is coming asap also at those low 
levels, the potential earnings may be Great short-term as H A_I R's 
story will go grow. Biostem U.S. Corporation may see some Super 
Momentum asap and Tuesday on the base bounce below the good to be 
ready buyers. H A_I R seems to get the top selection have fun 
playing penny stock markets for a Bottom jump this article and today 
on. 38 day highest is $3.50. As headlines developing and buyer 
knowledge going to pop we predict H A_I R is an excellent profiting 
chance of our traders who want to see urgent short-term returns. 
With this very reason we are highly motivated because it allows us 
to cover H A_I R for our brokers right becasue its begins to take 
off again temporary term. Biostem US lately announced breaking 
headlines. We forecast epic trading from H A_I R and we say that you 
initiate accumulating stock on June, 14.

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